If there’s one thing you do this year…

…Consider making a binder that chronicles 2009.

During 2008, I stashed important photos, guest lists, receipts, thank you cards, ticket stubs, and influential articles in a binder. Last week, I meandered through the pages and gained a grateful heart for all of the little and big ways that God has blessed us this year.

This article by Doug Phillips inspired me in 2008; it inspires me again in 2009.

An empty binder now sits by the fireplace, waiting to store the evidence of God’s generosity in the year to come.






5 responses to “If there’s one thing you do this year…”

  1. Natalie Avatar

    I totally started doing that, too!!! It’s all sitting in an expandable folder right now separated by weeks waiting to move to the binder. I started a binder for Vivi and our “homeschool” adventures, to keep me accountable. Hope y’all are having a wonderful New Year. I’ve been working on keeping up with a new devotional by Linda Dillow, Calm My Anxious Heart, A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment. I can’t believe how busy this month already is. Great idea for the binder and a reminder to me that I need to make time to finally put mine together. My husband even bought me page protectors last week to get it started!

  2. Carisa Avatar

    This is a great idea, thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    Ideas like these get me so excited, but then…I never do it! I admire you so much in your self-discipline (I rememeber once you said you were 99% self-disciplined). I am not – major weakness!!!


  4. MamaHenClucks Avatar

    I love this idea! I usually stash stuff in the cupboard, then it falls out on me as it gets fuller and fuller. I use acordian files to keep the kids school stuff that I want to keep, maybe I’ll grab another one for me!

  5. Grandmom Ruthie Avatar
    Grandmom Ruthie

    Here I go again…I am with Sarah on this one…one more attempt…as I always teach my little girls…if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

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