I’m On a Roll! Whom Else Should I Contact? (Day 17)

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Amy Carroll shared an acronym with me to describe the process of growing as a speaker:  she said, “you’ve gotta live in the PIT”. That stands for Putting In the Time. I get that. If I want to gain experience, develop key lessons, improve as a speaker, and learn more about people, I’m going to have to work hard and make myself available to teach. Plain and simple.

I’ve been working on my check-list and did lots of contacting this week. For accountability’s sake, I’m reporting in.

* I contacted our pastor, youth pastor, and college pastor offering to speak at upcoming events. I told them that I am hoping to become a better Bible teacher this year and would appreciate the opportunity to teach, if it would be helpful to them. They each thanked me for the offer, saying that this year’s schedules were already full, but that they’d keep me in mind. (Note to self: send a reminder email at the beginning of the summer when most youth pastors and college pastors are beginning to plan for the upcoming school year.)

* I contacted the local Christian School and offered to speak at a chapel. They took me up on the offer right away! In fact, I’m scheduled to speak on October 28th. They even said they could record the session for me, which may end up being my first audio sample! (I’ll have to let you in on my plans as I assemble the lesson…)

* I contacted the local MOPS group and offer to speak at a meeting. The coordinator was so sweet in her reply and seemed grateful for my offer. Again, their docket is full for this year, but she’ll keep me in mind for the future.

* I contacted Sherilyn – a wonderful local speaker – and she enthusiastically agreed to meet next week! I’m compiling my list of questions…

* AND, I made some inquiries into that Certificate in Women’s Counseling that I may have earned 5 years ago. Someone is looking into it for me. 🙂



I’m just happy that my self-doubts and insecurities didn’t keep me from clicking “SEND”.

It’s a start.

Do you have any other ideas about people or organizations I could contact to gain more experience ?