In Baby Mode


Well, the sheets and quilts are washed and dried.

I just applied a nice, fresh coat of clear nailpolish to my fingernails; and trimmed the girls’ fingernails.

I’ve mopped, dusted, and organized (over and over again).

I’ve thrown away the contents of all the suspicious-looking containers in the refrigerator.

AND I can see straight down to the bottom of the ironing basket.

There are cookies in the freezer and batteries in the baby monitor.

Our camera batteries are charged, the bird-feeders are filled, and diapers are stacked in the nursery.

I’d say I’m just about ready for baby boy!

As I wait (and it could be over two more weeks, ya know), I am reacquainting with this strange instinct I have as I approach due-dates: when the phone rings, my first thought is that someone is calling to tell me that I’m in labor. It’s very exciting! And then I realize, “Shoot. We’ll be doing the calling.”