In Baby Mode

Well, the sheets and quilts are washed and dried.

I just applied a nice, fresh coat of clear nailpolish to my fingernails; and trimmed the girls’ fingernails.

I’ve mopped, dusted, and organized (over and over again).

I’ve thrown away the contents of all the suspicious-looking containers in the refrigerator.

AND I can see straight down to the bottom of the ironing basket.

There are cookies in the freezer and batteries in the baby monitor.

Our camera batteries are charged, the bird-feeders are filled, and diapers are stacked in the nursery.

I’d say I’m just about ready for baby boy!

As I wait (and it could be over two more weeks, ya know), I am reacquainting with this strange instinct I have as I approach due-dates: when the phone rings, my first thought is that someone is calling to tell me that I’m in labor. It’s very exciting! And then I realize, “Shoot. We’ll be doing the calling.”







3 responses to “In Baby Mode”

  1. tara Avatar

    soooooo exciting!!! iloved alllll those days ahead of the labor!! the waiting, the preparing, the cooking and cleaning!! its all part of Gods plan to get ready!! so happy for you guys!!!! 😀

  2. Wranglermama Avatar

    You sound like me! I’ve been cooking up a storm! I’m due in 2 weeks so I guess it could be 4 more for me but I just can’t imagine being pregnant for another month!

  3. Renee Avatar

    Got a good chuckle here! I remember exactly the same thoughts…and I remember thinking about doing all the same chores over and over again b/c I knew it would be a long while before I felt ‘on top of things’ like that again:) Anxiously waiting for your little boy with you!

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