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‘Nothing cheers an overwhelmed new mom like a good ole’ country song. When the girls and I were running an errand yesterday, I somehow tuned in to the country radio station; this song came on and cracked me up… and reminded me of all of the truck-pulling, truck-hauling farmers out here. (Especially the ones I’m related to!) Apparently, I’m about 2 years late in hearing this song since I don’t typically tune in to country music, but here’s hoping you don’t typically tune in to country music either!

I have no idea if the tractors featured in this particular You Tube video are decent, but they are shiny. Anyway, they’re not the important part: the beauty is in the story of the song. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry.

My favorite line? “Hay! That’s what I make; I make a lot of hay for a little pay!” (And the bit about “deaf ears of corn”; sheer poetry I tell ya.)