It’s Like Chocolate Cake for Your Inbox! (You Can Now Subscribe!)


Oh, my. Here’s one for the records and for the big name bloggers who preach “numbers don’t count; commitment counts” message.

I currently have 4 subscribers.

And I blog my heart out for them.

It’s no joke! I have 4 wonderful, faithful, sticking-with-me subscribers.

I LOVE those 4 subscribers (hi, there!) and am so grateful for their (your) support and care. (But if it’s just the 4 of you reading this blog regularly, I should write to you by hand and send messages to you in special envelopes or glass bottles.)  As it is, I’m writing in the format of a blog – to the wide world, no less – I kinda shoulda, you know, garner a few more regular readers. (But you faithful 4 are my foundation! The strength and base of my cheerleading pyramid. Thank you!)


(This guy would totally be one of my readers if he could, well, read. He IS matching his book, however, which is big league.)

Considering that I’ve been blogging for years and my hubby is a technical genius, you’d expect us to be on the blogging-ball a bit more than we are. Somehow, over the past few years, we updated something and didn’t transfer my subscribers. We even deleted the “subscribe here” button. We didn’t think much of it because, well, we didn’t have a single free moment to think about it.

But the other night, we sat down side-by-side, breathed, and recreated the “Subscribe” option at

(I am cheering! Loudly! Inside my heart. Yes, you may commence with Fireworks! Dancing! And chocolate cake!)

So, if you find the content here regularly encouraging, inspiring, or helpful, you can now subscribe. (Just think… you’ll be joining the ranks of The Faithful Four subscribers, and that’s something.)

Simply enter your email address over there in the margin and you’ll receive my posts via email.

Who’ll be #5?




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