January’s French Girl Groceries

After cranking out a full American Girl shopping trip, it’s hard to slip in the proper mindset for the French Girl shopping trip, evidenced by the fact that I forgot the dark chocolate! Oh, dear. But I did purchase organic kale for our morning green smoothies, and that’s good, right? I’m happy with my simple beginnings: some posies and a triangle of brie. Needless to say, the French girl would never check off the fact that she just completed a French girl shopping trip. But, I’m still an American girl who makes resolutions and checks things off. So, January: check!






5 responses to “January’s French Girl Groceries”

  1. Sarah Mae Avatar

    I’m joining you on this French girl resolution – I love it! My mom lived in France for a few years (her dad was military) and she used to teach me French-such a beautiful language.

    I think I’ll purchase some flowers and Boursin today – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Brooke Clarke Avatar
    Brooke Clarke

    Love it! But did u forget the baguette?

    1. Laura Avatar

      Yes, the baguette! Just wait until tomorrow’s post! 🙂

  3. Traci @ Ordinary Ins Avatar

    darlin…. do you have a button. want me to make you one?

  4. Janet Avatar

    I’d love your green smoothie recipe using kale…gotta get some vitamins in during this cold & dark winter!

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