Jesus: Humanitarian?

Did you know that God has provided a way for us to discern whether or not Jesus is the heart and soul of any humanitarian movement?

Isaiah 61 describes the evidence we will see when Jesus moves amongst people, for people.

Think of your favorite mission or humanitarian movement; do you see effects like this?

* the poor are given the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice (not just given winter coats, meal cards, or water)

* brokenhearted people are made whole (not just listened to, coddled, or ignored)

* captives are freed and prisons are opened (not just enabled, enforced, ignored, or approved)

* God’s forgiveness and wrath are proclaimed openly

* mourners are comforted, ashes are replaced by beautiful crowns, and gladness replaces mourning (these things only happen when the good news of eternal life is told, heard, and believed)

* faint spirits burst into praise

* people grow strong in righteousness

* people see God for who He really is: very big, very powerful, very good, very just, and very loving






3 responses to “Jesus: Humanitarian?”

  1. grandmom ruthie Avatar
    grandmom ruthie


  2. Kathy Avatar

    Thank you for this. Something to keep in mind.

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