jingle bells: week 18 prayers

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As for Jingle Bells (Vivienne’s name for her brother or sister, affectionately inspired by her favorite song)…

Our little one is about half a pound now and beginning to look more and more “human”. Pads are forming on the fingertips and toes, and the eyes are looking forward rather than out the sides of the head. The baby’s first bowel movement (“meconium”… a great word) is accumulating within the bowel. Gender-specific organs are being created and fine-tuned. Apparently, this is a big week for the skin, as the vernix protects the strengthening of the epidermis and dermis. {Which is a fantastic lead-in for a product plug that may help your own skin: Clinique’s 7-day Scrub, which is gentle enough to use every day and feels like a refreshing moment at the spa.}

Please pray for Jingle Bells’ physical and spiritual development. Even though I’ve been having to make some big changes by taking it easy, I have a deep sense of peace that the Lord, he is God; it is He who has made us — is making us — and not we ourselves.

I wrote a bit of Scripture on the nursery mirror to remind myself that this baby’s faith in God is so strong; it relies on Him for every beat of our hearts. I’m encouraged by this child who doesn’t worry about a thing, but trusts in God for everything. May this faith only grow and grow…

I was cast upon thee from the womb: thou art my God from my mother’s belly. Psalm 22:10