jingle bells: week 21 prayers

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We had our big ultrasound today and everything about the baby looks very healthy! How timely that this week, Vivienne and I are memorizing Psalm 119: 73a “Your hands have made and fashioned me.” The fact that God is fashioning each part of this little baby is a wonder to me.

I wish I could somehow scan the ultrasound pictures into this computer so you could see how beautiful this little baby is. We have a 3-D photo of the baby’s face: a glimpse of a child with an adorable heart-shaped face, gorgeous full lips, and an adorable little nose. Family members remember how Vivienne looked like Ryan’s Gram even in ultrasound pictures… ‘just wait until you see how this baby looks like my dad (and me, I must admit! But mostly my sister Julie… how’d she get in there?!) I’m just amazed that God is so good to give us these perfect gifts… His hands weave and weave and weave…

Continue to pray for the baby to grow in strength, physically and spiritually. The baby will be able to hear and discern my voice any day now; pray that all of the words that I say are edifying to this little one.

(As for the gender, we decided not to find out; though the baby did provide the perfect pose, convincing me that we’re having a boy! and convincing Ryan that we’re having a girl! SO, we’re stuck in the mystery for 19 more weeks…)