Jingle Bells: Week 36, Baby!

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Wanna know why I’m so grateful on this beautiful crisp Sunday evening? Because I’m entering the 36th week of my pregnancy and Jingle Bells is still jingling around inside of me (instead of outside)! Of course, every additional day that Jingle Bells stays in is all the better, but it’s good to know that even if I go into labor tonight, our hospital will now let me deliver the baby in town instead of sending me to the other end of the world in a rickety ambulance. We are so grateful for these granted days of development. Hallelujah.

New things I’ve noticed during this pregnancy? Braxton Hicks: A CRAZY PHENOMENON. They really are like “contractions without the pain,” just like the book says (I just didn’t know what the book really meant until they started happening to me). I don’t mind them at all except they keep giving me this false hope that perhaps all of my contractions will be pain-free this time around… (do not lol at me.)

Please continue to pray for the baby’s spiritual and physical health. These last few weeks are fat-putting-on weeks. Also, pray that if this is a little boy that we hear God’s will concerning his name!!

The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. -Psalm 118:16