Just A Few More Hours!

Voting for the Homeschool Blog Awards wraps up at midnight on Friday. This has been the campaign of a lifetime!

My deepest gratitude to my husband, Ryan, for heading up a grassroots movement that pulled us from last place to second place!

I am also immeasurably grateful to Sarah Mae for promoting this blog on her much-loved blog Like a Warm Cup of Coffee; to my mother for alerting many of our relatives to vote, vote,vote; my Aunt Linda for sending out an ALL-CAPS email to her friends (WOW!), and my sister Erin for actually posting “Vote for My Sister’s Blog” as her status on Facebook, and to YOU (if you voted for me, of course).






7 responses to “Just A Few More Hours!”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Make sure your toggle is next to 10 million miles when you vote tho…….. I sent out peronal emails to my co-workers who each voted this afternoon… The votes went from 121 to 131! I also have my 129 friends on facebook voting now as I type. I have sent facebook emails and posted reminder messages! We will see what happens now!!!!!!! I am so excited for you to win!!!

  2. admin Avatar

    Lisa, you’re the best! Thanks for everything! Who knew this would be as suspenseful as the American Idol finals…

  3. Katie Avatar

    I already voted, dear cousin, but I am eagerly anticipating your win!

  4. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    LOL! I have never seen such determination! Geez, you’re getting me excited – I think I might have to facebook your blog- even though you don’t even have facebook!!! 🙂

  5. Heather Avatar

    Laura, I added your award request to my facebook and my own blog! 🙂

  6. Tara Avatar

    we voted too! best of luck! the boys say hi!

  7. Natalie Avatar

    I posted the link on my meetup.com group site, so hopefully you can squeak out some votes there (we have about 45 active members) and it’s on my facebook. So maybe you’ll get several votes from way down here in Arkansas.

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