Just Do Something: A Book Review


Each week, Ryan would return from his men’s group with rave reviews of Kevin DeYoung’s Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will or How to Make S decision without dreams, visions, fleeces, impressions, open doors, random Bible verses, casting lots, liver shivers, writing in the sky, etc.

‘Seems as if the topics in this slim volume were really hitting home for all of the men. Without reading it myself, I noticed that Ryan suddenly put his foot down, limited his research-time, and just decided stuff. He ordered our now-gorgeous orchard. He ordered our now-laying chickens. He tilled the garden and planted the thing. In the past, I would never – never – have even come close to identifying Ryan as needing inspiration to work hard or make hard choices, but I did notice a stark difference in his confidence and courage. We all want to make “the right decisions” and to do well by Consumer Reports and Amazon reviews (not to mention, we want to walk in God’s good and perfect will!), but really, all of the limitless options and resources can stall a person out and can steal precious time.  Wow, I thought, if this book is impacting my very hard-working husband in a positive way, it’s gotta have some gems in there for me!

So, when I finally sat down with the book, I devoured the thing.

And I should probably devour it again.

Did DeYoung know that his insights would be so personally helpful to an expectant homeschooling mother who simply desires to do her best building her home, her church, and her community? Whether he knew it or not, he helped to demystify God’s will regarding curriculum choices; he helped me to sort through the static of “good, better, best” when it comes to our daily schedule and activities; he also encouraged me to take steps towards starting a local women’s Bible study, which is something I’ve wanted to do – but have hesitated to do – for some time now.

Just Do Something is our #1 graduation gift, our #1 recommendations for summer reading, and my #1 recommendation to you.