Kick Self-Entitlement: A Click Away

Last week, I wrote a post about self-entitlement for my friend’s blog, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. I just remembered that I never told you about it! So, click one more time to read it here.



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3 responses to “Kick Self-Entitlement: A Click Away”

  1. Jan Avatar

    What an excellent post, Laura! Now, I need to go find some chocolate chips, because I am feeling very convicted!

    I do struggle with self-entitlement, and this was a great reminder to kick those feelings to the curb, thank you!

  2. MamaHen Em Avatar

    My sister and I were just talking about your post yesterday. She and I both agreed that it was INCREDIBLY convicting, but very much appreciated.

  3. grandmom ruthie Avatar
    grandmom ruthie

    The self entitlement trap fits every stage of life in both genders…though it seems to rear its ugly head in a more startling way during the mothering of little ones because that is the time when the heart of Christ is most revealed…countless acts of love poured out, unnoticed, proportionately unappreciated…oh, yeah, the enemy hates to see Christ living again in His people, especially in mothers…don’t you think?
    You just keep me thinking!
    Thanks so much for your marvelous post!

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