Kids Laugh A Lot (Rewrite)

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(Does this title look familiar? That’s because I rewrote a post about enjoying laughter in our homes for the True Woman blog at Enjoy!)

Kids laugh a lot.

A child’s laughter is glorious. Why, just today, my kids were giggling uncontrollably at someone’s antics, and I wished I could bottle their contagious, delightful laughter. I’d treasure that precious bottle forever.

Have you ever taken inventory of what makes children laugh?

They laugh about a vast array of noises: screams, beeps, blurps, dings, and whistles.

They laugh about a vast array of bodily functions, especially the accidental ones.

They laugh about peculiar birds, curious monkeys, outspoken puppets, buckets of slime, knock-knock jokes, and plays on words.

They crack up when characters trip, slip, fumble, and bumble.

They hoot when they are pleasantly and suddenly surprised. They chuckle when the same thing happens over and over again.

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