Advertising Fail


(Be prepared: You will never think of me the same again.)

Several weeks ago, many of you enjoyed Vivienne’s adorable “Tuna-Fish Salad” how-to. (What? You missed it?! Oh, you’ve just gotta watch it before you read on, okay?)

I watched the numbers of viewers grow and grow, and thought maybe we could make a buck.

(Shameful, I know.)

I’m new to the concept of advertising and making blog-money, but I decided to jump in and give it a go! I emailed Follow Your Heart, home to Vegenaise (our family’s beloved alternative to mayonaise) and asked if they wanted to use the video in some way for advertising.

(It gets worse.)

A very kind rep emailed back explaining that they thought the video was adorable, but couldn’t use it to advertise their product, because they’re a VEGAN company and can’t really promote their product being mixed with meat.

(I’m totally embarrassed. How in the world did I miss that?! With a name like “Vegenaise”, they aren’t exactly hiding that fact.)

I apologized all over the place, and the rep freely forgave my over-sight.

She sent me a handful of incredible coupons and a vegan Vegenaise recipe book (should we want to make another cooking video).

Wouldn’t you say the folks at Follow Your Heart deserve a standing ovation for gracefully helping this carnivorous mom to find the way?

(I’m not giving up on the advertising thing, though! More on that tomorrow.)

(I love your company! Please subscribe and follow along…)