Little House in the Big Woods

If your four-year-old is ready, I highly recommend reading the first Little House book together. In it, Laura herself is four! We thoroughly enjoyed The Little House in the Big Woods. Some things that helped Vivienne to understand it as we read:

* Making this lapbook: These suggestions were so much fun – making butter, carving soap, and other hands-on projects. (Find all of the instructions and printouts at

* Pulling out the “My First Little House” series that we’ve been reading for the past two years. We first found this series at our local library and then decided that it was worth the investment of adding to our own library. Each story highlights a little snippet of the original books, maintaining the art work, historical details, and charm.







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  1. Molly Avatar

    I would have LOVE LOVE LOVED to have gone to your school when I was a little girl. You guys are going to have so much fun with all your cross-curricular teaching and hands-on learning.

    I remember a time so long ago when i was sitting in our first EDU class at U or Richmond with you Laur, when during an ice-breaker you said your dream car would be a Volvo (with tennis ball is it? -Am I remembering that part right?!?!) Anyway, it’s slightly ironic, or should I say providential that you decided not get your teaching degree only to become an amazing English teacher, a mentoring Penn State professor, and now a kindergarten teacher for two little girls. You have creativity and unique insight (along with an beautiful way of nurturing) in your blood and it spills over for all who know you. Your girls are so lucky to get such a fortified, enriching introduction to our big world from their mother, who in my mind, could have been many things to many people, and chose instead to be ALL to her family (well, and friends, and community, but you know what I mean!)!

    I’m with you in your classroom in spirit!


  2. MamaHen Em Avatar

    We read that to our chickies last year when my girlie was four and have spent the ENTIRE summer reading the rest of the little house books. Her current favorite is, of course, Little House on the Prairie and we just got back from a trip where we were able to visit the little house on Walnut Creek. It has been so much fun re-reading the books that I still love!

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