Mail Your Red Envelopes!

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Join thousands of Americans in speaking up for the babies who are murdered by abortion.

Today is the day to pick up a pack of red envelopes at Office Depot (or anywhere else for that matter), address them to President Obama, attach your return address and a stamp, and mail them tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31st).

Each red envelope will represent a child whose life was taken through abortion. As red envelopes flood his mailbox, may President Obama come to his senses and miraculously have a change of heart concerning laws that can protect babies.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington , D.C. 20500

Write this on the back: This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

The link to the project is here.