Making a Snow Globe

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Despite the many coloring pages, stickers, finger painting, and play-doh I set up in our personal preschool, I simply can’t out-do my preschooler’s natural interests. Let it be known that 3-year-olds come up with infinitely cooler projects. In fact, these projects are so cool that they must be the reason why plenty of homeschooling families indulge in unschooling now and then.

Speaking of infinitely cooler projects, check out this project that Vivienne worked on for hours:

Snow Globe Making: Using a small flat-head screw driver, drill holes into Styrofoam balls. Drop the white flakes and the Styrofoam ball into a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with water. Cover with a tight lid. And shake.

What’s an infinitely cooler project that your preschooler invented??