Marriage Montage


And, now, my friends, I shall bombard you with links to fantastic marriage-related resources all over the world. Ready??

Rachael Ray’s interview of a “1950s Housewife” (Then watch all of Courtney’s vlogs. She is full of life. Fun!)

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home (Simply a lovely blog that is bound to encourage you.)

The Love Dare (Each of the 40 Days is free here! I’ll start ya on Day 1. A friend of mine has been gathering wives from far and near to work through the Dare together; maybe you could do that, too!)

Covenant Eyes (An online accountability service that sends all Internet activity to two or three of your accountability partners. Brilliant for those of us who need accountability online; whether we struggle with pornography, materialism, or time-management. Our favorite computer-accountability.)

Marriage Savers (A world-wide ministry that equips entire towns to support and strengthen marriages. A solid pre-marital counseling course, a “Great Dates” curriculum, a step-family study; and back-from-the-brink counsel.)

Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey helps you save money and marriage! This program is so good at joining the husband and wife as a team to tackle financial stresses together; I know a guy who says this played a key part in convincing him to return home to his wife after a 2-year affair.)

Counseling for Sexual Abuse (If either you or your husband still carries around the pain of sexual abuse, you don’t have to anymore. This type of heartache can shadow everything in life; especially marriage. God intends to heal you. With biblical counsel, honest prayer, and a willing spirit, a victim of sexual abuse really can be healed. Diane Langberg and Associates is a place to begin searching for very trustworthy counsel and help.)

Grace is For Sinners (Serena writes and talks openly about her affair, and how God’s forgiveness transformed her life.)

10 Million Miles Two Week Marriage Series (Click here for a quick link to other marriage topics from the past 2 weeks.)