May I Give a Gift Like Mary

When Mary of Bethany poured ointment on Christ’s feet, anointing Him for His imminent burial, she said “yes” to the cross. Her gift said “yes” to the prophecies, “yes” to the miracles, “yes” to the suffering, “yes” to the redemption, “yes” to Jesus Christ of Nazareth – our ransom from Heaven.

In her actions, she was saying, “It’s okay that things will never be the same again.”

The breaking open of the bottle must have resonated with the breaking open of her heart, as she, in faith, sacrificed her perception of a safe reality and her preferred script for the future, so that Christ would amaze her with His.

Her gift anticipated His future – not hers.
(’Though her future was wrapped securely in His.)

Her gift answered His desires – not hers.
(’Though her deepest longings would be met in Him.)

Her gift magnified His glory – not hers.
(’Though she became beautiful through Him.)

Her gift blessed His heart.
(And hers, more than she could have known.)

I often wonder if I have the courage and faith to give a similar gift.
Am I too snuggled into this world to anticipate another one?
Am I too numb about suffering to desire peace?
Am I too content with my fallen nature to desire His divine nature?

Am I clinging to my earthly treasures so tightly that I cannot lavish them on my Savior?

May I give to Christ the gifts that say “yes” to His future, His desires, His glory, and His heart.

May my finest gift be, “Come, Lord Jesus, come!”







One response to “May I Give a Gift Like Mary”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    To say, “Yes” to Him, is to say “No” to myself, daily. About many things!

    Love this.

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