Merry Christmas!

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When Mary of Bethany poured ointment on Christ’s feet, anointing Him for His imminent burial, she said “yes” to the cross. Her gift said “yes” to the prophecies, “yes” to the miracles, “yes” to the suffering, “yes” to the redemption, “yes” to Jesus Christ of Nazareth – our ransom from Heaven.

Her gift anticipated His future – not hers.

‘Though her future was wrapped securely in His.

Her gift answered His desires – not hers.

‘Though her deepest longings would be met in Him.

Her gift magnified His glory – not hers.

‘Though she became beautiful because He is.

Her gift blessed His heartand hers.

This Christmas, may we give to Christ the gifts that say “yes” to His future, His desires, His glory, and His heart.

“Come, Lord Jesus, come!”

Merry Christmas to all!