Modesty Fashion Show!

For 5 years, I’ve been learning more and more about the importance of dressing modestly as a Christian woman. Oh, it hasn’t been easy! Not with all of those adorable tank tops out there! But, God has been teaching me so much about what it means to glorify Him in all things. When I look at it that way, it’s a bit easier to forego the latest tightest tank.

Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to avoid compromising in the area of dressing modestly. Of course, the definition of “modest dress” varies from people group to people group, but I made a commitment before God to pursue modest dress as He has taught me. I found Pure Freedom’s Truth or Bare Fashion Tests to be helpful guidelines for evaluating my wardrobe.  I relied on God’s spirit to keep me balanced and personal. I must say that, even including the handful of times that I knowingly compromised, the resolution was fulfilling and liberating.

At the close of the year, I was reflecting on my clothes of the year (yes, I’m impressed by that pun, too), when I discovered that my friend, Sarah Mae, was hosting a Modesty Fashion Show on her incredible blog, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee.

I decided to participate in her celebration of dressing modestly!

And now, introducing ME as the RUNWAY ANNOUNCER! (Pump up some music!)

“Our next model is sporting a babydoll shirt that the saleslady called a dress. Boy, was she wrong! Paired with dark denim and a corduroy blazer, this immodest dress converts into a shirt with personality. Stylists removed the sash from the waist-band and looped it around the neck for extra flare.  The perfect jacket is a fabulous tool to change a problematic shirt into a modest outfit. Give it up for Laura and her photographer!”

Ooo, and while I’m at it, I need to tell you about Sarah Mae’s fantastic $25 Christa-Taylor gift-certificate give-away! You can enter, too!






12 responses to “Modesty Fashion Show!”

  1. Shilo Avatar

    What a fun idea! I can’t do that because I have a major long torso…but maybe I could if I paired it with a short jacked…hmmm…now ya got me thinking!
    Love your little redhead! I’ve got one too! 🙂
    Blessings, Shilo

  2. Friend Chick Avatar

    Ooh! You are super cute! I love your outfit! So trendy!

    PS – I’ve got a redhead too!

  3. Dana Avatar

    luv luv luv it!!!!!

  4. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    SO cute!!! And way to go Viv!

    Laura, I just knew you would have a slammin’ outfit – you always look so darn stylish in your pictures!! Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  5. Shelley Avatar

    Love the colors! Great outfit 🙂

  6. Katy Lin Avatar

    love, love, love it! aren’t these “dresses” they’ve got popping up a little bit insane in their shortness, lol! 🙂

  7. Reborn Avatar

    Oh my goodness! Your post and photos made me laugh. I love the way you’re posed and the red-head (your daughter?) is so cute I want to EAT HER!!

    “Dresses” worn as shirts is totally fun, especially over jeans. Great outfit!


  8. Jan Avatar

    You look super stylish Laura! I love how you have your bangs clipped to the side too! And your photog is insanely CUTE!

    I do not struggle with my hemline, when you are not even 5ft tall, you can pretty much throw on a mini skirt and have it hit your knees, ha! Erin – am I right, or am I right?

  9. Simply Vintagegirl Avatar

    What a fun and stylish outfit! The tie around the neck adds so much! You have a very good photographer (she’s really cute, too!). 😀 We have never thought of buying and turning those tiny “dresses” into shirts! Thanks for sharing that great idea!

    Miss Emily Rose

  10. mom2fur Avatar

    You sure turned a ‘dress’ into a ‘shirt’ in a clever way! Layering is what saves a lot of my outfits. I’ve made tops that have turned out to be too low-cut, but work great over t-shirts. Don’t give up on the tank tops–they are great for layering, too!
    I can’t believe that top of yours is really supposed to be a dress. How on earth could anyone sit down in that? Well, I guess it’s possible. I was a teenager in the early 70s, when minis were ‘in,’ so I wore them. But honestly, I remember constantly wiggling and adjusting my hem whenever I sat down. Too bad we didn’t know about layering back then, LOL!

    P.S.–Your photographer is a little button!

  11. Kasey Avatar

    Cool outfit. I can’t believe they said that was a dress!!

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