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Host a Celebrate Mom Party!

Hi, there! I‘m Laura Booz.

I want you to think of a mom you love.

She’s amazing, right?

Whether she’s just starting out on her motherhood journey or has been a mom for many years now. Maybe she’s facing an exciting or discouraging or intimidating change. You want the best for her. You want to support her.

Sooo, I was thinking… what if you gave her a PARTY?? A fun-filled celebration may be just the thing to cheer her on. Or, perhaps, a small, intimate gathering of friends would be just the thing to strengthen her soul.

We designed these FREE parties to help you find just the right words, activities, and gifts for the type of gathering that will bless her most.

* The perfect theme for a Baby Shower

* A tangible way to support a Foster / Adoptive Mom

* A fun way to celebrate an Empty-Nester

* Just the thing to support and strengthen a mom-friend who feels weary or is navigating a significant life change.

Each Celebrate Mom Party will give the mom you love a big dose of:

• Goodness: Laughter & friendship
• Truth: Scripture to encourage her day-in and day-out.
• Strength: Wisdom & prayer
• Vision: The reminder that Jesus is with her always and will give her good gifts in motherhood.

Each Celebrate Mom Party will help you to:

• Plant a seed of hope for the future.
• Lay a foundation of love that will strengthen her.
• Open a door of friendship that will welcome her in, no matter what, all of the time.

Each PDF comes with encouraging prayers, instructions for a game, printable art to use for decor, and more. (The PDF for the mom who is Navigating Change is coming soon.)

Simply download the PDF for the mom you want to honor and follow the directions. Then, gather some friends and bless that mama!

The New Mom

This is the perfect Baby Shower theme! While you’re blessing her with everything she’ll need in the nursery, make sure she is stocked with Scripture, prayer, and friendship for the journey ahead. This party is a fun way to say, “You can do it! Jesus is with you… and so are we.”

The Foster / Adoptive Mom

Throw a party for your friend who is opening her heart and home to a child through foster-care or adoption. Make sure she has everything she needs to mother her child, from clothing, furniture, and meals to friendship, support, and prayer. This party is a fun opportunity to let her know you’ve got her back.

The Worn-Out Mom

Do you know a mom who feels weary? Discouraged? Depressed? Gather some close friends and create a space where she can rest, confide, cry, or simply breathe again. Help her feel seen and appreciated. Refresh her with friendship and life-giving words. Be a listening ear. Lift her up in prayer.

The Empty-Nest Mom

When a woman launches her child into the world, her job as a mom is far from finished. Cheer her on toward the next season of motherhood! Gather some friends and family to celebrate what God has done. Look forward to His faithfulness in the future. Affirm her personhood and great worth in the kingdom of God. She is so precious!

You’ll love the Celebrate Mom Pinterest Board!

The Celebrate Mom Pinterest Board has all the inspiration you’ll need for food, drinks, decorations, favors, and more. The beautiful orange printables in your PDF are conducive to just-about any theme – flowers, pumpkins, little cutie clementines, oranges, peaches, honey – the possibilities are endless!

Would you let me know if you host a Celebrate Mom party? Reach out through email or tag me on social media. It would make me so happy to be in on your special gathering. May God bless the mom you love!

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