“Mommy, Am I Beautiful?”

It seems to me, that when a young woman knows the correct answer to this pivotal question, she uses her time more wisely, and she gives more generously. She enjoys godliness with contentment, which is great gain! A young woman who understands the secret of true beauty will build her home with supreme wisdom and fruitfulness.

In anticipation of this universal question of femininity…(read the rest – and catch a glimpse of the girls! – at Raising Homemakers)

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4 responses to ““Mommy, Am I Beautiful?””

  1. The Lonely Sister in Virginia Avatar
    The Lonely Sister in Virginia

    You know who else might be asking those formidable questions? YOUR SISTER. That’s who. You should probably call her sometime.

    And I will continue to blog-stalk you until you do.
    So you better call her soon.

  2. Tracey Avatar

    Really enjoyed your post at Raising Homemakers today!

  3. Stacy Avatar

    Thank you for posting that!

    I’m going to utilize that- either for a poem to memorize or for my daughter to use for copywork (I haven’t decided which, yet. Maybe BOTH!) 🙂

  4. Kelly Avatar

    I really appreciated this post (seen originally over at Raising Homemakers)! My 3yo and I have been working together on memorizing it this week. Linking to it on my blog this Friday!

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