More Bubblin’ To Do!

Ryan came home with an armful of bubble wrap tonight: a toddler’s dream-come-true.  Vivienne got down to business right away, stomping and popping.  She took a break for dinner and even for dessert, but with a few bites of her ice cream cone left, she asked to get down and informed me importantly, “I have some more bubblin’ to do!”

While I caught up with my mom on the phone in the quiet basement, the floor shook above me as Ryan and V danced all over the rest of the bubbles to Toby Mac’s “The Slam”.  Now that’s what I call a rockin’ daddy-daughter date.







3 responses to “More Bubblin’ To Do!”

  1. Jacque Avatar

    This picture is way too cute! She looks like a little princess. I’ll bet she had the greatest time. hah…. I’ll bet she wore Daddy out too!! 🙂

    Thank you for visiting me on the HomeschoolBlogAwards site – and my own blog too!
    I am such a book maniac, that I am afraid my list may be too long. I do love The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. It is an excellent book. I would have put that on there, but I did last month! You can even get a 60+pp sample on her site. Robin also has a blog…
    I guess I should make a list of my favorite resources and post it. That would be fun.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Jan Avatar

    That is the CUTEST picture of V. – LOVE it – and my boys would have loved getting in on the bubblin’ action – fun times!

  3. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    a really did laugh out loud.

    is that why there was lots of bubble wrap this weekend? I was wondering whare that all came from.

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