Get Out The Vote – For ME!

Just when you thought your ballot was cast and your voting days over until 2012, I introduce a fabulous opportunity to vote for this blog to win The Best New Homeschooling Blog Award from The Homeschool Blog Awards. At the moment, I am the underdog, edging up from behind with one big vote (my own).

You can help the cause!


1. Click here

2. Click on “The Best NEW Homeschooling Blog” category

3. Vote for “10 Million Miles” (that’s me).

4. Immediately begin sending this plea around to all of your friends, relatives, face-bookers, and pets with digits.

As Barack Obama and John McCain say – er, said – “VOTE FOR ME!”

(If you happen to browse around the other amazing blogs, you’ll notice that other nominees are much more subtle and gracious about asking you to vote for them. I surely admire them. However, underdogs can’t afford such tact.)






10 responses to “Get Out The Vote – For ME!”

  1. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    I shall pass your wonderful blog around (I always try to!) 🙂

  2. admin Avatar

    Thanks for honoring my shameless plea, Sarah! You’re so kind.

  3. allie z Avatar
    allie z

    i just saw Sarah’s post- you have to love Reader! I thought I’d pop in and vote for ya. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jan Avatar

    You got my vote 🙂

  5. Katie Avatar

    Of course I voted for you! You’re one of my favorite websites!=)

  6. admin Avatar

    Thanks, Katie! I can’t wait to stop by and visit your blog! Thanks for checking in.

  7. Home School Dawn Avatar

    Hi. I like your blog and your sense of humor. I would vote for you, except I am one of your competitors! Best wishes.

  8. admin Avatar

    Hi, Dawn! Welcome to the competition and thanks for the kind words. I totally understand your bias. 🙂 Best wishes to you as well. Come back often.

  9. Jolanthe Avatar

    I’ll vote for you from my other computer! 🙂 My other blog is nominated in the same category, but I am PITIFULLY behind (too bad I can’t share my votes with you!).


  10. Jacque Dixon Avatar

    Hi there Laura. I looked for an email address, and I couldn’t find one, so I am hoping that you can shoot me an email with your addy. I need to update you on the HSBA results.
    for the HSBA Post Team

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