Morning Time

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Happy Back-to-School!! Or rather, “Let the games begin”! We’re studying Medieval History this year and are looking forward to a rollicking time.

Our homeschool day begins with Morning Time.

For years, we’ve started each homeschool day by taking time to look at the calendar and observe the day God has given us, to look out the window and notice the weather, to look into Scripture for the day’s wisdom, and to sing a song or two together. I’ve always geared it to the littlest ones and kept it short and sweet.

This summer, I got so recharged and inspired about Morning Time by listening to every single Your Morning Basket podcast. My vision for Morning Time bloomed: now, I see it as a time for us to gather as a family to learn and enjoy the most important things. It’s a time for me to share goodness, truth, and beauty with all of the children together before they each begin working individually.

After listening to so many beautiful interviews about various approaches to Morning Time, I developed a plan that will work well for our family. I’m borrowing Sarah Mackenzie’s idea of “Scripture, Hymn, Memory Work, and one other thing”.


BREAKFAST AND SCRIPTURE: For a couple of weeks now, we’ve been listening to our Scripture during breakfast. That way, I can eat with the children and we can devote our attention to the reading. This year, we’re listening to the gospels, one chapter a day. After we listen, we each share one thing we learned about Jesus from the passage. I love this ritual and hope to keep it going through the year.


HYMN: I purchased Hymns of Grace, a recently published hymnal by The Masters Seminary containing all of the classics that we know and love as well as hymns by Townend, Getty, Kauflin, and many other gifted contemporary hymn writers. (It’s awesome.) I chose 5 hymns for each month of the year that I want the children to learn. We’ll cycle through the list several times a month.

MEMORY WORK: We’re starting the year by memorizing “Jabberwocky” and Psalm 91. (They’re actually similar in some ways… and they appeal to a certain 5 year old who loves a sword and shield.)


And… that sweet “ONE OTHER THING”: We’ll switch this up from day-to-day according to this schedule:

Monday: Art (Chalk pastels, fingerprint characters, etc.)

Tuesday: Nature Study (in sketch book)

Wednesday: “Life Lessons” (I am always brimming with lessons about character; habits; personal information; safety; manners; and care for home, self, others. This provides a deliberate space-and-time for me to share these lessons with my kiddos.)

Thursday: Artist/ Music Study: composers, violin, ballet, baseball (We’ll watch a YouTube clip about someone doing something excellent. These are our children’s particular interests and I want them to see someone performing their craft at “its greatest”.)

Friday: Group Game (Something that gets our brains working, blood pumping, or laughter flowing like Memory, SET, Hide & Seek, etc.)

That’s the plan for Morning Time! It’s a stick-to-your-ribs feast at the top of the morning, fueling us with purpose and inspiration throughout the day.

What does your Morning Time look like??







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