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Here’s what I think: when God clutches his creations to his heart, surely he makes special room for the mother and daughter.  This must be one of his choicest treasures on earth, for He knows the joys and sorrows, the giving and receiving, as well as the vulnerability and boundaries that must mingle in order for fruitfulness to extend to yet another generation.

Today, my heart over-flows with encouragement for you, dear mothers.

“Keep going! Keep loving! Keep forgiving! Keep enjoying!”

That is my heart behind today’s give-away:

A Mother-Daughter Bundle from Dannah Gresh of Secret Keeper Girl!

Dannah is a friend of mine, whose ministry and message has traveled all over the world to encourage people – young and old alike – to pursue God, and to love purity. I traveled with her speaking team, and experienced the power of this message first-hand. I offered this give-away to her freely because I believe in her message.

If you’ve attended a Secret Keeper Girl Show or heard Dannah Gresh on the radio, you know you’re in for some down-to-earth encouragement and fun!

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about her new and best-selling Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl, and have thought, “I should really get a copy of that.”

Or maybe, her newest release The One Year Mother Daughter Devo has caught your eye, and you’ve day-dreamed about what might come of a sweet devotional time with your 8 – 12 year old.

Maybe you’re aching for ways to connect with your not-so-little-anymore daughter, and could really use some inspiration from the likes of 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters: How to Talk about True Beauty, Cool Fashion… and Modesty!

This week, Dannah wants to encourage one of you by giving away: All 3 of these best-selling resources!

What a brilliant bundle of encouragement!

To get started, head on over to the Secret Keeper Girl website.

After you’ve checked it out, pull your sweet daughter onto your lap (even if she’s getting bigger than you!) and browse through the games, modesty tips, videos, and more!

Leave one comment about the fun you had! And four extra comments as a bonus!

Otherwise, get the word out about the give-away and leave a comment for each entry you earned.

This contest ends Friday, November 26 at 6 a.m.

(Psst! Secret Keeper Girl is a ministry of Pure Freedom, which is funded through a very small group of faithful donors. If you’ve benefited from Pure Freedom’s ministry in any way, consider sending them an awesome year-end gift or becoming one of their beloved monthly donors! Follow those links to read Dannah’s recent letter about young couples who chose pure abstinence to and through marriage. Spread the good word!)

Please join me this week, as I explore three beautiful aspects of motherhood.

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