Approach Motherhood Like Med School



“It’s about life. It’s about every single day being a new day, and each time you wake up, you look at the sky you’ve got as a gift. The day is here. What are you going to do with it?” – from The Talent Code

Approach motherhood like med school, but with more love.

Aim to give it your all every day. Study and learn about yourself and your children, because life depends upon it.

Look to the top instructors. Search out the best resources.

Think deeply and well about motherhood. If you are a mother, it is an essential part of your identity. It is also an essential part of your children’s identity. You and your children are worth thinking deeply about.

Always keep in mind that there is infinitely more to the subject than the handful of viral articles about helicopter parenting, simple living, safety precautions, and not spoiling kids. The articles that catch your eye are simply spring boards into understanding why their argument may be true or false, and what their ultimate effect will have upon your family and society.

Read widely concerning motherhood: leadership, sports, education, nutrition, counseling, history, and literature all have something to offer our understanding and experience of motherhood.

Experiment with new approaches, discard the things that do not work, and try again.

Be a hard, hard worker and really dive in.

Don’t get distracted by perfection, comparison, condemnation, or unreasonable goals. These will steal your joy. Instead, immerse yourself in the subject matter and learn what it means to love the art of motherhood itself. In doing so, you will learn what it means to love your children.

Motherhood is an altogether worthwhile pursuit and your work today matters.