Motivate Me Monday: Just Read It

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‘Got an hour? Okay, so maybe an hour and half?

If so, we could read through the Bible in 2 months together! We can stick with something marvelous for 2 months, don’t ya think?

I found this reading plan from the International House of Prayer website:

“Did you know that if you read ten chapters of the New Testament each day, you can read the ENTIRE New Testament in ONE month.

If you read twenty-five chapters of the Bible each day, you could read through the entire Bible in roughly TWO months.

We want to put out a little challenge for you. We challenge you to either read through the New Testament or the whole Bible. Take it slowly; don’t beat yourself up if you skip a few days and by all means keep going.

Here is a plan for reading through the Bible in two months:

Read five chapters from each of the bold sections
5 chapters from Genesis–Ruth
5 chapters from 1 Samuel–Esther
5 chapters from Job and Psalms
5 chapters from the Prophets*
5 chapters from the New Testament*

1 chapter each day from the Proverbs–Song of Songs section

When you finish one section, start it again; ie when you finish the Genesis–Ruth section, meaning that you read from Genesis all the way through Ruth, then you start again with Genesis. At the same time you’re reading five chapters from each of the other sections.”