Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

Check out Mr. Rogers’ fieldtrips on his adorable website.

It’ll be nostalgic for you and engaging for your little one.

What a fantastic supplement to the little fieldtrips we take around town!

Speaking of fieldtrips, check out the Fieldtrip Factory, which managed our recent field trip to the grocery store.







2 responses to “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”

  1. erin elizabeth Avatar
    erin elizabeth

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!So you won’t believe it but today ( since we are all snowed in) I am making cooking for all my neighbors that live in my building. On my Facebook status I quoted some of the song from Mr. Rodgers….”It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood…A beautiful day for a neighbor…Would you be mine…Could you be mine?”

    What a fantastic song!

    I just checked your blog…and there you have Mr. Rodgers! What can I say….Great minds think alike!

    Hope you all have an enjoy your day!

  2. Katie Avatar

    I just read your interview at the Relevant Conference site. I’ve only just “met” you but already can’t wait to listen to you speak.

    Loving me some Mr. Ridgers by the way. One year old this month and my sweet baby girl already has a temper (I blame it on Daddy 😉 so some soothing Mr. Rodgers sounds like a good idea.

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