Music is a gift from God to express the intricacies of our hearts and minds that otherwise would never emerge. Through music, we process and learn things about the human existence that we can’t access through any other source. Best of all, music is one of our dearest ways of praising God in every season of life. And He says He loves it.

My favorite singer/songwriter of all time is Patty Griffin (and Bob Dylan, of course).

Isn’t it absolutely brilliant to discover an artist who seems to have read your misplaced life-diary? Not to mention, who fanned all your awkward expressions into a gorgeous poem and made that poem dance? That’s Patty Griffin (and Bob Dylan) to me.

Lately, we’ve been listening to lots of Suzuki Violin music, some James Ehnes, Lauren Daigle, Toby Mac (the kids LOVE him) and Chelsea Moon. 





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