My Biggest Secret Yet

Let’s face it: most of the tips that I post on this blog are little more than theory for me.

I’m only 5 years into this motherhood thing and have lots and lots to learn.

However, I’m happy to share the things that I find handy because I’ve been so blessed by your insights as we go along together.

Some of the things I’ve posted about so confidently have gone by the wayside, while others have really worked well and stuck around. (For example… Surely you remember my Friday Favorite post from January 11, 2008? Oh, you don’t? Well, Deceptively Delicious ended up in a YARD SALE, while Educating the WholeHearted Child has become my #1 homeschooling resource and recommendation!)

Here’s one of the secrets that I’ve held tenaciously for the past five years, and have a feeling it’s a keeper:

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