My Blog’s Make-Over: Thanks to Ryan, Andy, and Janet

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If blogs could turn sepia at the edges, I’m pretty sure mine was.  As much as I loved it, was beginning to look a bit… vintage. It needed a fresh coat of paint, a new url, and some wind in its sails! So for Christmas, Ryan gave me the gift of an upgrade. He hired our dear friends, Andy and Janet Mylin to design the header and offer advice about the template.  Janet (Instagram “j.mylin”) painted the lilies-and-asters and Andy ( designed the font and style.

I couldn’t be happier.

I’m so grateful to them! And I’m deeply grateful to my husband for believing in my craft, investing in it, and rigging up the technical side of my life – transferring my domain from to and figuring everything else out, too.

Here’s to talented and generous people who make me stronger every day.