Introducing My eBook: Get your free sample chapter!

Blogger Behave: Make your blog benefit your life so you can love both

I am thrilled to announce that my eBook is finished, edited, and ready to be loved!

Ryan and I have had a blast creating this finished product. (As a mommy, “finished products” are few and far between. I must admit, they feel marvelous!)

So, just click on the image above so you can download your free sample chapter and watch the trailer!

Read the sample chapter, tell all of your friends and relations about it, and come on back November 1, 2011 when we launch the full eBook in all of its glory.

Even if you don’t blog, I think you’ll really love this book. I’m nuts about it.

(By the way, I’m looking for a few readers/ social-media-ninjas to review the book and spread-the-word. Want to? Contact me: laura(at)10millionmiles(dot)com.)






12 responses to “Introducing My eBook: Get your free sample chapter!”

  1. Christin Avatar

    Laura!! I can’t believe this, but this idea has been swirling around in my head for a couple of months now! Seriously. I kept thinking, “how can I use my blog to benefit my life. To spur me on and share the journey with others.”

    I kid you not. I am so excited to read this and have you lead me down that road!! God sooo knew what I needed!!

    I am still in shock!

    1. Laura Avatar

      That’s amazing, Christin. May we all learn how to walk in the Spirit… even as we blog.

  2. Renee Avatar

    Awesome,awesome, awesome! Love the promo video!

    1. Laura Avatar

      Thanks, Renee! Love YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jenny Avatar

    Hey! Congratulations–so proud of you!

    I am happy to spread the word on my FB page if you would like me to do so. I have a lot of ‘friends’who blog and would love to read your words of wisdom.

    I do have to tell you though–that I never subscribe to blogs. I do so for one specific reason, or maybe two: 1. I want my reading time to be intentional and pursued by my own heart…not prompted by my inbox. And 2. I don’t want my inbox to be filled up with blog notifications. Maybe you don’t care about my habits…but I thought I would let you know–that I read because I intentionally want to go to your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love you!

    1. Laura Avatar

      Thanks, Jenny. Your support and faithful presence here has always meant so much to me. Sure, spread the word on your fb page! You have infinitely better people skills than I… Your gifting would work wonders for getting the word out! Thank you.

  4. Suzie Avatar

    Yay! It looks fantastic, adorable video, great job!

  5. Corrie Avatar

    Hi Laura,
    Have you ever seen Laura Coppinger’s Blog ( She has a LOT of readers, blogs for business, homeschools her kids, loves her husband, and is really funny. She is mainly a healthy-eating kind of blog, but covers other things as well. I bet she would be an excellent person to review and maybe sponsor a giveaway for your ebook. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Laura Avatar

    Thanks for the recommendation, Corrie! I’ll contact her today!

  7. grandmomruthie Avatar

    So….How do I promote this on my facebook page…I mean…step by step how do I promote this on my facebook page?

  8. aunt jeannie Avatar
    aunt jeannie

    Laura, this is the first time I have gone to your blog and I am amazed at your talent. Keep it going. And congratulations on your e-book.

    1. Laura Avatar

      Thank you so much, Aunt Jeannie! And welcome to 10 Million Miles!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Come back soon.

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