My Favorite Viviations

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Here are some Viviations to words that I refuse to correct or change:

Vivi says: “Don’t eat that Lia, it will hurt your little rubber teeth!”

Vivi means: “…it will hurt your gums!”


Vivi says: “Let’s play Little Ingles on the Wilder!”

Vivi means: “Let’s play Little House on the Prairie! (written by Laura Ingles Wilder)”


Vivi says: “Remember when we did that last day?”

Vivi means: “Remember when we did that yesterday (or the day before that or the day before that)?”


Vivi says: “I love to wear my ballet leotart”

Vivi means: leotard


Vivi says: “Oh Lia, you’re as cute as pie!”

Vivi means: “Oh Lia, you’re a cutie pie!”