New Reason to…

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…let your mom do your child’s laundry.

The situation: Vivienne spent a glorious week with my parents. Before sending Vivienne back to us, my mom offered to wash all of her clothes. I said, “oh no, Mom, don’t worry about that; you’ve done so much for us already”. Of course, she did it anyway.

The pay-off: All week long – when I dress Viv in the morning, hug her before bed, wrestle her in the afternoon, kiss her at night – I inhale glorious whiffs of the Tide and Downy that for years has been home. And it makes me miss my mommy.

(Even though I’m sure my mom had no ulterior motives (and I really mean that), I’ll be sure to remember this tactic when my own grandchildren visit me; it’s a fabulous subliminal way to enforce your scent upon them and their parents, causing them to pine for you for weeks to come… Actually, this is a fabulous tactic to enhance any type of relationship, really. In fact, if I’m offering to do your laundry for you, you’ll know that I’m just trying to secure whiffs of myself in your subconscious heart.)

P.S. Thanks, Mom, for lightening our load (literally!) and filling our home with thoughts of you!