No Blankies!

So, here’s a choice I’ve made that required some muscle, grit, and determination that is well worth the effort.

We get dressed and ready first thing in the morning.

Two years ago, I wasn’t liking the way pajamas and mussy hair made our mornings drag on and on. I didn’t like how “Blankies” were brought downstairs and seemed to make my little girls lazy and mopey. They’d drape their blankies over their heads, or roll around on the ground with them, or whap each other back and forth… You can imagine how my eyes bulged out when I realized that these long, slow, unproductive mornings could contaminate our entire homeschooling career! And so, I made a decision to stop the bad habits.

So, day-after-day, I worked towards this goal: To be completely dressed and ready when the girls wake up so that I can immediately help them dress, do their hair, and make their beds. Blankies must stay in bed. No exceptions. No one – not even Mommy – may drag around the house in a large, warm blanket. We’ll save that for cuddling up on the couch during read-aloud time, but otherwise, we are awake and ready for action.

This habit was very hard to instill. I had to overcome my own exhaustion and laziness; I had to keep my eyes on the prize of a happy, fruitful morning. I quickly realized that as the momma, it was my job to make this orderliness happen day, after day, after day. I made myself do it even when it was hard. But, boy, am I grateful that God gave me the strength to follow-through one day at a time. By now, this is second-nature to us and I believe it is one of the main reasons we are all satisfied and thriving with our daily routine.

All of this is to say, that if you are feeling compelled to spruce up your little bed-heads and blankie-lovers, I say “Go for it!” Your tears and sweat will be well worth the effort!

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