Nose-blowing Charts

Per Ryan’s request, I really do try to limit the chart-making around here. Rightly so, he believes that every behavior modification doesn’t have to be charted and rewarded; he had to speak up when I showed tendencies towards obsessive chart-making quite early on. But every once in a while, I come up with waay-too-good of an idea and a chart happens on our frig. He’s okay with that.

Most recently, the mission has become to help our desperately-allergied-but-hesitant-nose-blower Vivienne to stop wiping her nose on her shirt and start blowing her nose into a tissue.

Poor girl; we’ve dawdled on this way too long.

Hence, a chart with a bunch of tiny tissues stapled on. So, when Viv blows her nose – a great big blow – she tosses the tissue away along with a tiny tissue from her chart. When she has cleared the chart, she’ll have a friend over. As you can see, we’ve already gotten some good ones from her.

Now, that’s something to “Gesundheit” about!

From the archives: Here’s a chart from “ancient history” that worked well to help Viv pronounce her beginning “S’s” when she was ’till ‘aying ‘kittles. When she’d say a word with the beginning “S”, I’d jot the word down. Once she claimed all of the “S’s” on the chart, she earned that bag of stapled Skittles!

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