“Say Please” Day

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In this day of mp3’s and iPods, we have a few too many broken records around our place. Broken records that sound like this, “How could you say that politely?” “How could you say that politely?” “How could you say that politely?” and “Could you please say please?” “Could you please say please?” “Could you please say please?” “Could you please say please?”

I don’t know about Vivienne, but I’m about tired of the old technology and the repetition. SO, today, we are celebrating our first annual what Vivienne calls, “Say Please Day is On Its Way”.

How to Celebrate: Each person in our family must say “please” the first time that she asks for something or else she doesn’t get it. Period. No second chances. No ten second delay. It’s brutal. It’s “Say Please Day is On Its Way”.

Vivienne thinks it’s fun. And she has only missed out on a few little things all day. Of course, she hasn’t eaten all day and she hasn’t yet said the “please” to allow her to go the bathroom, but I think she’s really getting the point. (I’m SO TOTALLY KIDDING about all of that, ya know.) Actually, I am breathing a sigh of relief that she has caught on quickly so that I can follow through with “the rules of the game”.

In fact, she has caught on so well, that when she forgets, she quickly adds a “please” to an alternative. For example,

V: I want some milk!

M: Sorry, dude. You didn’t say please! No milk for you.

V: Please may I have some juice?

M: Absolutely!

You may call it compromise; I call it strategy. Hey, she’s saying “please”, isn’t she?

I had a hunch that this would work because we employed something similar on a smaller scale in the car. When Vivienne would like us to play a certain CD or turn the volume up, she must say “please” with her request the first time or else we turn the music off for the remainder of that particular car ride. Of course, we happily remind her that she gets a brand new chance the next time we get into the car. Since instating the rule and following through with it even when it hurts, I think she’s only forgotten a total of two times.

So, we might have national “Say Please Day is On Its Way” Day a couple days in row to strengthen those “say please” muscles. Hopefully, we’ll be tossing out a couple of those broken records by the weekend.