One Consumer Begs, “Pull My Heart Strings MORE!”

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If you are in your 30s, you are probably finding yourself a little nostalgic in the toy aisles these days. It’s a nasty ploy: toy companies appealing to our nostalgia as we relive some of our childhood through our own children. But really, how can we resist the reappearance of My Little Pony, the 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids (why do I feel like I have to buy one?!), and Strawberry Shortcake. Unbelievably, I’ve remained relatively strong, despite the emotional walks down memory lane.

But there is one reappearance that I’m itching to find… and honestly, can’t believe it’s still hiding out on eBay somewhere…

I know for a fact that if it started appearing on the Target end-caps, I’d fall head over heels for at least one purchase… probably two or three. (Are you ready for a moment of nostalgia to hit you straight from my computer to yours?)

I’m itching to reunite with plastic charm bracelets!

Remember the baby bottle?! The strawberry? The baseball bat? Ah. I’ll leave you now to revel in the sweet plastic memories…