Ooo, ooo, ooo

More to think about! For those of you who listened to the Voddie Bauchman teaching that I posted a couple of days ago, here’s an article by John Piper challenging some of Voddie’s views.  A friend of mine emailed it today; it offers an engaging argument.  As always, I love to know what you all are thinking…







5 responses to “Ooo, ooo, ooo”

  1. Jan Avatar

    Laura, I read the article and really agreed with a lot of the points that were made. Like you, though, I was also thinking – enough with comparing us to crops, buddy!

  2. Jan Avatar

    Oopsies. What happened to the “er” in prayerfully?

  3. Jan Avatar

    Ok. And now I am REALLY losing it, as I meant to comment on the other post, not this one. Lol. I am going to bed!!!

  4. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    did not listen to anything yet. are they on cd so i can listen to it in the car? I am always on the go….

  5. admin Avatar

    You can download Voddie’s podcast to your iPod. Piper’s article is not long, so you could read it aloud onto a tape. 😉 (Or, I guess by that time, you would have read it, so great!)

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