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A long time ago I had written a post about my terrible habit of completing someone else’s sentence with the wrong word. I warned my readers that doing so often ends in disaster.

Ever since that post, I have been extra aware and have restrained myself numerous times.  I must have gotten lazy, because the other night, when we were getting the girls ready for bed, Vivienne hugged Ryan, patted his stomach, and said, “You look you’re the one who is…”

I did. I said, “pregnant?”

Wrong guess.

Both Viv and Ryan looked up at me with blank faces. Viv replied, “Actually, I was going to say, ‘tired’.”

Ryan thanked me for my vote of confidence.

The thing is, the man has no extra fat on his body. He has no belly, no gut, no nothin’. It was just that stomach-pat that threw me off. Arg!

And so, I freshen up on my life-long discipline of being a little slowwwer to speak…