Our (17) New Arrivals!

LauraEarly Elementary Education, Farm Life

Early in the morning, the post office called and told us that we had a very important package awaiting us.

The girls scurried out of bed to the sound of 17 chicks peeping! We’re hoping this amounts to 15 hens and 2 roosters. I’m already praying for the development of their nice, gentle personalities and healthy, egg-producing bodies.

We had all of the supplies ready to go, and welcomed them into their temporary home – and nice, warm brooding box – in the basement.

Ryan did so much research and learned to round off the corners of a large sturdy box, so that they don’t huddle into a corner and smoosh each other. He also found out what to feed them; when to change the water; and how to monitor the temperature of the brooding light. We made a molasses-water mixture to give them an extra boost after their journey from Ohio. They seemed to enjoy that and fluffled right up! Of all the websites that he’s researched, Ryan recommends My Pet Chicken.

Every chicken expert we know says the same thing: “Chickens are easy!” So far, so good. (Especially when the farmer does all the work, and the farmer’s wife just looks on admiringly.) We’ll keep you posted about how “easy” they are for the pure novice, and will take suggestions for the way in which we prepare our very first eggs. (Scrambled? Souffle? Classic hard-boiled??)