Our Three Girls

Last summer, I had bought two flower fairies from a young friend who has an exquisite talent.

I could see “Vivienne” and “Lia” each in a flower fairy; and they’ve been flying in the girls’ bedroom ever since.

Here’s Vivienne’s:

and Lia’s:

When we lost Juliette, one of my first deep desires was to have a third little flower-fairy. (I guess you never know what’s going to be important in moments like this.)

So, I asked Charlotte to make one for our baby, without any suggestions about colors, etc. from me. I just trusted her artist’s heart.

So, Juliette’s flower-fairy arrived today.

And I think she’s just perfect.



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9 responses to “Our Three Girls”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    oh, sugarplums…I can’t stop crying…and staring at her. I love these little flower fairies!

  2. Jan Avatar

    What sweet little fairies – they are beautiful!

  3. Dolores & Vern Smith Avatar
    Dolores & Vern Smith

    Dear Laura, these flower fairies look so real (like they want to jump out and touch you) I just fell in love with them and had to stare at them for a long time. Love you lots

  4. Rachel Avatar

    They are beautiful!

  5. Grandmom Ruthie Avatar
    Grandmom Ruthie

    You are so right…more thoughts than I can put to words…expressed in these precious flower petal fairies.

  6. Dannah Gresh Avatar

    I think it’s just perfect!

  7. Jolanthe Avatar

    Laura ~

    Those are all beautiful. It’s those little things too that mattered the most to me {and still do!}. We have a special ornament for EACH of our kids and love pulling them out at Christmas. 🙂

  8. Renee Avatar

    Perfect little fairy-girl to remember your sweet Juliette.
    Art often has been a God-directed-process for me, and your friend must have heard God- thoughts too as she crafted this doll with its ethereal beauty.

  9. Jbird Avatar

    I am new to your blog, and have really enjoyed reading many of your posts. The flower fairies are so precious. I would love to find out how to make them. Do you know if your friend makes and sells these? Is there a way to contact her to find out how she makes them? Thank you for your blog and sharing your heart through your writing.

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