V: “LOOK, MOM! Frost is on the window! Wow!  Frost is my FAVORITE thing on the window!”


V: “The most importantest thing you can do is to itch my wonderful back.”


V: That’s the problem with children, they can’t stab lettuce.


A wedding song on the radio: “When God made you, He was thinking of me.” (I understand the intended sentiment of this and all, but I’m not sure that I would take it as a compliment necessarily, ya know?)






6 responses to “Overheard”

  1. Natalie Avatar

    Lately our Vivi has been asking to pray at dinner. Which is something we could not be more thrilled about. It is so sweet and fun. An excerpt from tonight’s prayer:

    Thank you for my crocs so I don’t get any mosquito bites.

    We love her nightly prayers. She always asks if she can.

  2. grandmom ruthie Avatar
    grandmom ruthie

    Art Linkletter, move over!

  3. Em Avatar

    You are trying to teach your 3-year old to STAB lettuce? Is that what homeschoolers learn? How to stab things? I’ll take public school, thank you very much!
    (Just kidding! I love that little stabber!)

  4. Kari Avatar

    Oh that stabbing lettuce would always be Vivienne’s only frustration in life. And of all the things on my windows, dirt, road grit and dog nose prints…. frost is my favorite too!

  5. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    “dog nose prints” truly fantastic!

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