Thursday’s best homeschool idea

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* Giving Vivienne time to sort the silverware by herself. (This provided the relieving opportunity of cleaning out the plastic silverware tray that had collected those pesky silverware-drawer crumbs and encouraged V to work on a project by herself.)

Helping a baby to love books

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My mom passed along the idea of reading during Vivienne’s meals as soon as she was sitting up in her little booster chair at a couple months old. By the time Viv could munch on some finger food, she was listening attentively to several books and nursery rhymes; now, at age 2, she loves to read at the table or … Read More

I’m going to bed at 8:30 tonight…

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* because I woke up super early, mostly in a panic that my intended-for-humor comment on a friend’s blog might have been misunderstood. I don’t know why it took me 24 hours post-comment to realize that my solution to her morning sickness (especially the nausea she feels at the scent of her toddler’s hair) could be offensive, questionable, and insensitive. … Read More

our personal Mary Poppins

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Vivienne is in love with Mary Poppins. So much so, that her medical advice is straight from the movie… Case in point: Last night, Ryan was suffering through one of his allergy sneezing spells. V waited patiently for him to tuck her into bed as he sneezed and sneezed and sneezed… Amongst Ryan’s hearty ACHOO’s, I heard a sweet little … Read More

toddler time!

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  At 9:15 every Tuesday morning, Vivienne finds her name-tag on the felt board, grabs a carpet square and enjoys Toddler Time at Schlow Library.  This week, all of her inhibitions faded away as she sang along to every song, played the triangle in a band, and took her shoes off (I’m glad she feels so “at home” in the … Read More

ryan’s 13.1 miles

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My man ran 13.1 miles this morning with approximately 17,000 people from all over the world.  Focused. Very focused.     All that matters is what happens between here and…   here (the run towards the finish line).       1:46 Champion

jingle bells: week 19 prayers

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Weigh in: About 15 centimeters crown to rump, and weighing eight ounces! This week’s project: permanent teeth buds are forming behind the milk teeth buds.  (Munch, munch.) Please continue to pray that our little family would have faith that God will hold all things together.  We wait expectantly for our “big” ultrasound next Tuesday, but are resting in the fact … Read More

how do you say…?

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My most recent wonderings regarding V include whether or not we should begin teaching her a foreign language while her brain is in the glory days of malleability. Because I have minimal foreign language skills and exposure, I’d have to rely heavily on a “program,” like Muzzy. I wouldn’t mind this, but I’d want to make sure we choose an … Read More

the panting

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If we’ve ever had a disconnect in reading David’s words, “As the deer pants for the water, so my soul panteth after thee,” perhaps this dance is a more human expression of the same desperation. (Psalm 42: 1)