Praying the Psalms Will Steady Your Emotions and Awaken Your Soul

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My emotions have been all over the spectrum – from highs to lows to feeling numb. Praying the Psalms has been a life-saver to me during this challenging time. The Psalms teaches us how to feel and what to do with our emotions, whether we are thinkers, feelers, stuffers, venters, whether we are steady or we are volatile. Praying the Psalms keeps my … Read More

Are you valuable without accomplishments, appointments, and activities?

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What do you do when your activities, appointments, and commitments suddenly disappear? In this episode of Grounded (a daily videocast by Revive Our Hearts), I share one life-changing thing that God is teaching me during this season of home quarantine. It starts like this… Imagine a father bringing his children to the playground. The kids dart off to play on … Read More

What to Do When Kids Say “I’m Bored”

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The phrase, “I’m bored,” doesn’t have to drive you crazy. The next time your child whines about boredom, take a deep breath and repeat these six words: “Something great is about to happen!” Child psychologists, teachers, and parents say boredom is good for our kids and can lead to growth and discovery. Boredom may lead your child into… the great … Read More

Encourage Your Child to High Standards While Learning at Home

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Janelle asked, “How do you encourage your kids to high standards in their learning without the benchmark of peers? How do you keep your kids motivated in their schoolwork without daily feedback from teachers and grades?” This is a great question. My heart goes out to you as you face this challenge. If my kids suddenly had to attend school … Read More

How Much Time Should We Spend on Academics?

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Judy asked, “How much time do homeschoolers spend actually doing academics? Those of us with kids in school feel almost like we have to keep them engaged for the same number of hours they would normally be in school. How much time should we spend on academics??” Thanks for the question, Judy. I understand that struggle and often wonder the … Read More

How to Stay Home With Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind

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Abby asked, “Help! I’m not used to being home with my kids all day, every day. How I can be a good mom even though my kids are driving me crazy??” Hi, Abby. I hear you. It’s not easy, that’s for sure! Even after 14 years of being home with my kids “all day, every day,” I feel like the … Read More

Quick and Easy Lesson Plans: Reassurance That Your Child IS Learning at Home

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Molly asked, “Could you give me some simple steps to prepare for the daily lessons? For example, should I print them out? Get them ready the night before? When and how do I prepare the learning supplies we’ll need?” Hi, Molly! You came to the right girl. Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything and can give you my … Read More

Simple Strategies for Teaching Your Child Math and Reading at Home

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The “backward 5” has happened to all of my kindergartners. They work SO hard to make their “5” face the right direction, but if they take a break from academics, they return to their desks and write their “5’s” backward again. Maybe it’s genetic? Maybe it’s universal? I dunno. But I do know that our littlest learners need consistent, almost-daily … Read More

Try “Unit Studies” for Fun, Structure, and Accomplishment in Your Homeschool

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Amy asked: Us Virginians now know we’re not returning to school this school year. I think something that will help me and the kids is some goals to work towards so we have bigger picture structure and direction… So far I’ve just been pulling this and that lesson or activities to cover a range of studies, but now I’ll need … Read More

This Will Set You Up For Immediate Homeschooling Success

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If I suddenly had to show up at your place of employment and do the work you do every day, I would be overwhelmed. I would need you to take me under your wing and give me the big picture of what was going on. I’d need you to offer some tips, tricks, and insights so that I could jump … Read More