Quick and Easy Lesson Plans: Reassurance That Your Child IS Learning at Home

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Molly asked, “Could you give me some simple steps to prepare for the daily lessons? For example, should I print them out? Get them ready the night before? When and how do I prepare the learning supplies we’ll need?” Hi, Molly! You came to the right girl. Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything and can give you my … Read More

Simple Strategies for Teaching Your Child Math and Reading at Home

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The “backward 5” has happened to all of my kindergartners. They work SO hard to make their “5” face the right direction, but if they take a break from academics, they return to their desks and write their “5’s” backward again. Maybe it’s genetic? Maybe it’s universal? I dunno. But I do know that our littlest learners need consistent, almost-daily … Read More

Try “Unit Studies” for Fun, Structure, and Accomplishment in Your Homeschool

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Amy asked: Us Virginians now know we’re not returning to school this school year. I think something that will help me and the kids is some goals to work towards so we have bigger picture structure and direction… So far I’ve just been pulling this and that lesson or activities to cover a range of studies, but now I’ll need … Read More

This Will Set You Up For Immediate Homeschooling Success

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If I suddenly had to show up at your place of employment and do the work you do every day, I would be overwhelmed. I would need you to take me under your wing and give me the big picture of what was going on. I’d need you to offer some tips, tricks, and insights so that I could jump … Read More

A Simple Homeschool Schedule to Keep Kids Occupied All Day

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Hey, new homeschooler. Are you wondering what you should do with your kids all day? Hi, I’m Laura. I’ve been homeschooling my children for twelve years. I have six kids ranging in age from 1 to 14 years-old and I can tell you one thing… homeschooling is hard but rewarding work! I can’t imagine having to homeschool in a snap … Read More

How to Have a Great Day with Your Child

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Days at home with kids can drag on. Whether you have a newborn, a toddler, or a handful of kids, you probably know that feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself. I’ve spent many days at home feeling lonely, isolated, overwhelmed, distracted, and resentful. Of course that makes my kids feel restless and discontent. They either bounce off … Read More

You’re Ready for the Coronavirus

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By God’s grace, you are ready to face the coronavirus. You’ve been storing up the most important thing. You’ve been getting stronger in the most important ways because you’ve filled your heart and mind with God’s Word through sermons, songs, small groups, and Bible studies. While medical supplies, food, and cleaning supplies will be helpful to survive the coronavirus pandemic, … Read More

How to Keep Serving When You Want to Quit

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Do you ever grow weary in serving? I sure do. In this video, I share three things that keep me going when I want to quit. Join me in my living room to talk about how God gives us the grace to have the mind of Christ… and to serve others just like Jesus did. How do you keep serving … Read More

Serving With Gladness

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I’m on the radio today! I’m so delighted to share “Serving With Gladness” at Revive Our Hearts from March 10 – 12th. Today’s episode is called “The Secret to a Meaningful Life“. Listen today or anytime in the future (you’ll find it in the Revive Our Hearts archives). I’d love for you to tune in!

Five Ways to Build Relationship with Your Tween

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Every time I hear Nichole Nordeman’s song “Slow Down,” I cry ugly mommy tears. Nordeman sings “slow down” to her child who, like all children, seems to be growing up too quickly. It’s beautiful, nostalgic, and heartbreaking.  (Have you seen the music video? Get the tissues ready!) The chorus is: Slow downWon’t you stay here a minute moreI know you want … Read More