These Summer Days

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Hi, there! I just wanted to pop in and share some glimpses of our summer. Of course, these are the beautiful moments, but they’re just as real as the times when I’m cranky and nothing is going right (no one grabs a camera in those moments…). So, I’ll leave the cranky days to your imagination and welcome you into the beautiful ones.  Even in … Read More

I Miss Hugs: A Lament

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i feel the ache without hugs, i don’t know how to say “hello” to my friends i don’t know how to say “hello” to my family our very souls are knit together, yet now we stand six feet apart and flounder awkwardly i miss hugs when i see a friend at the grocery store i miss hugs when we meet … Read More

Don’t Miss This Gold Mine of Encouragement That Grew During Covid-19

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Throughout this challenging season, the team at Revive Our Hearts has hosted Grounded, a daily videocast that infused hope and perspective into thousands of lives around the world. It is SO GOOD. Each 30 minute show highlights good news, upholds Scriptures, and gives us the opportunity to hear from a variety of Christians regarding a variety of relevant topics like … Read More

The Gift of Breath

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Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. Genesis 2:7

This Surprised Me About Dandelions

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This spring, the children and I read Valerie Worth’s poem “Dandelion”. It forever changed how we see this common weed. Dandelions are a reminder of God’s handiwork throughout the universe. dandelion Out ofGreen space,A sun:Bright forA day, burningAway toA husk, aCratered moon: BurstIn a weekTo dust:SeedingThe infiniteLawn withIts starrySmithereens. Valerie Worth “His fingers set the moon in place, The stars … Read More

A Charlotte’s Web Book Party

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When author E.B. White recorded the final audiobook chapter of Charlotte’s Web, he couldn’t get past Charlotte’s death without crying. It took him 17 tries. Oh, how we understand! For twelve years (maybe more), the children and I have read Charlotte’s Web every spring. I cry every time. It seems like only yesterday that I posted a note about our reading in 2008. … Read More

Praying the Psalms Will Steady Your Emotions and Awaken Your Soul

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My emotions have been all over the spectrum – from highs to lows to feeling numb. Praying the Psalms has been a life-saver to me during this challenging time. The Psalms teaches us how to feel and what to do with our emotions, whether we are thinkers, feelers, stuffers, venters, whether we are steady or we are volatile. Praying the Psalms keeps my … Read More

Are you valuable without accomplishments, appointments, and activities?

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What do you do when your activities, appointments, and commitments suddenly disappear? In this episode of Grounded (a daily videocast by Revive Our Hearts), I share one life-changing thing that God is teaching me during this season of home quarantine. It starts like this… Imagine a father bringing his children to the playground. The kids dart off to play on … Read More

What to Do When Kids Say “I’m Bored”

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The phrase, “I’m bored,” doesn’t have to drive you crazy. The next time your child whines about boredom, take a deep breath and repeat these six words: “Something great is about to happen!” Child psychologists, teachers, and parents say boredom is good for our kids and can lead to growth and discovery. Boredom may lead your child into… the great … Read More

Encourage Your Child to High Standards While Learning at Home

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Janelle asked, “How do you encourage your kids to high standards in their learning without the benchmark of peers? How do you keep your kids motivated in their schoolwork without daily feedback from teachers and grades?” This is a great question. My heart goes out to you as you face this challenge. If my kids suddenly had to attend school … Read More