I just love a good parenting tip. I devour books, spy on people, steal ideas… I’m ruthless!

So, I’d be remiss not to share the practical parenting wisdom that has come my way.

Since we’re only a handful of years into this parenting thing, please pray that that these things are, erm, right. And if they’re not, pray that I pick up that tip real quick!

Joking aside, my level of confidence in each tip correlates first to its biblical support, second to the credibility of its original source, and third to the amount of general happiness and peace it promotes in our home. (For assurance that these things really work, check back here in 30 years when my children are raising their children. It’ll all come out in the wash then…)

Dig in!

(Oh! Before you do, would you mind reading this? Please consider my request that we see each other from God’s perspective: as new creations in Christ… it makes all the difference in the world!)


Be a Joyful Mother

Help Your Children to Forgive You

Choose a Gentle Tone of Voice

The Power of Eye-Contact

Our Children Need Our Affection

The Mother Servant

Stop Grabbing From Your Child

The Power of Your Smile

Jealous of Another Mommy?


A Powerful Definition of “Honor” Your Parents

A Powerful Definition of “Obedience”

Say Goodbye to Whining – For Real!

Freedom from the Parroting Trap: “Say Thank-you, Little Billy!!”

Teaching the Tattle-tale Not to Tattle

How to Deal With Mistakes Without Becoming a Perfectionist

When Children Must Face Death


They Were Playing MEAN Mommy?!

Helping Daughters Play Well

Dramatic Playtime Idea


Will My Child Always Wet the Bed?

How to Find a Toddler

How to Apply Lotion to A Child’s Face Without a War

Why Doesn’t My Toddler Have Many Teeth Yet?


When She Drops Her Pencil One-Too-Many Times

How to Give Your Child The Answer With A Clean Conscience

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